Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ode to Alice Walker (LLJL)

Words of Beauty and Grace by Alice Walker

My Blessed Friends,

I am coming off of a magical day of spending time with my delightful and beautiful granddaughter, Angelina Starr.
Times like these always afford me the opportunity to open myself up to the joys of childhood
and all the rituals that go along with that...
My favorite of these rituals, is bedtime storytime...
Times like these, give me an excuse to read those glorious tales of my own childhood and the youth of my own children...

When my granddaughter was born 3 years ago, I welcomed the opportunity to update my already
large collection of children's books...
One in particular fell into my hands and I have been charmed and delighted ever since...

It is a very short children's book, beautifully illustrated with lots of bright colors and
mesmerizing words and ideas written by one of my favorite authors, Alice Walker...

"In a beautifully poetic and gently provocative text, Pulitzer Prize wining author,
Alice Walker invites readers young and old to see the world...
and our place in it...through new eyes.
Glowing colors and radiant images accompany this joyous celebration of the connections
and interconnections between self, Nature and creativity." (From the inside flap)

I would encourage anyone who has children or is a child at heart to indulge in this potpourri for the senses...

I welcome the opportunity to share with you a Note from the Author
and the delightful words from this enchanting book....

My blessings to you as you begin this fabulous week...wherever you may be...

From the book..."There is a flower at the tip of my nose smelling me" by Alice Walker

A Note from the Author

"One day I went walking in the forest near my house with my dog,
along an old logging trail.
Redwoods rose to left and right,
the sky was brilliant blue with a few threads of clouds,
the earth was scented with spring.
As I walked, the wonder of myself as part of all this overcame me.
I began to sing: "I come out of You, my Love. I come out of You!"
Over and over, with the greatest gratitude and joy.
As soon as I got home, my big black Lab trotting just as happily beside me,
I wrote this book, which was not a book then,
But a Thank You Note."

"There is a flower at the tip of my nose... Smelling Me.
There is a sky at the end of my eye... Seeing Me.
There is a road at the bottom of my foot... Walking Me.
There is a dog at the end of my leash... Holding Me.
There is an ocean at the top of my head...Swimming Me.
There is a sunrise at the edge of my skin...Praising Me.
There is water at the tip of my tongue...Tasting Me.
There is a song deep in my body...Singing Me.
There is a dance that lives in my bones...Dancing Me.
There is a poem in the cradle of my soul...Rocking Me.
There is a pen nestled in my hand...Writing Me.
There is a story at the end of my arms...Telling Me."

This is my Thank You and Mahalo to you all, my beloved friends
...wishing you a glorious week of delightful awareness!

Pulitizer Prize Winning Author, Alice Walker

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