Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"The Starseed Transmissions" by Ken Carey

A sharing from my morning reading (or re-reading, as I am currently revisiting an old classic friend:)

"Yours is not a tame God to be confined in the reverent concepts, but a vibrant, playful energy, the very soul and Spirit of Life! He comes to Earth not to be somber and devout, but to dance, sing and enjoy all the He has created.

Do not allow the gravity of your planet to weigh upon your cons

ciousness...Matter still co-exists with the rising Life energies, do not conceive of your world with such gravity.

Lighten up with the merriment of Christ. Even now the awakening Child is showing Himself to your scientists and mathematicians through playful impossibilities that thwart all their rational explanations. He is laughingly holding up the stage props of contemporary contentions, running to and fro, catching them as they fall, seeing how long He can keep His presence a surprise...

Come play with us in the wonderland of Matter. It is long years that you have dreamed of your entry into these realms. Your dream has come True! Wake up and see where you Are!

If the world sees the happy exuberance of the awakening Creator shining in your eyes and thinks that it is irresponsible in the light of this or that growing crisis, patiently explain to them what is happening. Tell them something of the new perspective. In the moment of your presence, in the moment of your being, tell them what you are experiencing and they might experience too.

Let them see that your happiness, your peace, and your serenity are not yours alone, but the reflection in your Life of a Being who will always be at His greatest ease."

~ Ken Carey (excerpted from "The Starseed Transmissions")

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