Sunday, September 23, 2012

I AM the CREATIVE Power by Iyanla Vanzant

Today is fellow Writer and Spiritual Mentor Iyanla Vanzant 's Birthday...therefore today's Sacred Action posting of one of my favorite pieces of her's, is in honor of this auspicious occasion...
Blessed Day of Celebration to you, Beautiful Iyanla

"I am the CREATIVE Power of the Divine at work.
I choose to be an expression of good, of peace, of joy and abundance.
The Divine thinks by means of me.
My Thoughts are clear.
The Divine expresses itself in my Heart.
My Heart is open to the goodness of Life.
The Divine CREATES, heals, restores and builds through every action I take.
My eyes, ears, hands and feet are instruments of the Divine.
Today, I rejoice in advance for all the good I Am CREATING, through right thinking, an Open Loving Heart and Divine Right Action.
For all of this and more, I Am so grateful.
And So It Is!" ~
~ Iyanla VanZandt ("One Day My Soul Just Opened Up")

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